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Please contact the office to schedule a conference: 225-664-4823


-Tony Terry (Principal)                  

-Karla Polcyn (Asst. Principal)    

-Kevin Schexnayder (Asst. Principal)

-Allison Sprouse (Counselor)     

-Stacey Lyons (Secretary)           


Richard Hopwood (spec. education)

Robert Mahfouz (spec. education)

Michelle Woods (elementary)     

Regina Rodriguez (ELA)             

Bruce Beever (ELA /SS)              

Roxanna Herring (ELA)               

Shielagh Turner (Math)                

Julie Calcote (Math)                     

Robert Hirsch (Science / SS)       

Jennifer Jones (Science)             

Summer Martin (Social Studies) 

Francine Smith (Library/Curriculum)



SGT Tate                                        

SGT Driver                                     

SGT Hebert                                    

Brian Brunson (SGT/para)           

Sarah Polcyn (paraprofessional) 

Johni Law (paraprofessional)      

Christy Daigle (pupil appraisal)   

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